Choose Bridgeport

Bridgeport Elementary is the B.E.S.T. school in town. Though we are honored to be a California Gold Ribbon School, at Bridgeport, we offer more than a great education. We provide the B.E.S.T. learning experience for every student within our walls.

The Bridgeport Experience

A walk through our hallways and a peek into our classrooms attests to the fact that Bridgeport students receive an experience. At Bridgeport, your child receives:

  • Top-Notch Instruction
  • Extensive Student Leadership
  • Strong Community Partnerships
  • Learning Through Arts Integration

The B.E.S.T. School in Town

Bridgeport Students & Staff are the B.E.S.T. 

At Bridgeport we focus on:

  • Being Respectful
  • Encouraging Kindness 
  • Safety First
  • Trying Our Hardest in Everything We Do

Bridgeport students spend their years here knowing they are valued by our school community. And they leave our school with the requisite skills and knowledge to add value back to the local and global community in which we live.